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Rebrand your Business for greater success

In the corporate sector, with time, ideas change, processes change, and most importantly the customer’s needs change. This is why our rebranding company in Sydney is here to ensure you keep up with the ever-growing expectations of your customers and attract new ones in the future.

The initial branding of a company sets the path for the business’ brand. However, this strategy can become less effective with time, or need readdressing to match the business’ future vision and increase its presence and ability to compete in highly competitive workspaces. Rebranding allows this to happen and strengthen your brand and business back into the minds and hearts of your customers.

Rebranding includes reviewing your logo and visual identity, a better-suited logo, your brand voice and message, reviewing the future direction of the business and much more. The primary reason a well-established company must seek help from a rebranding agency in Sydney is to connect more deeply with their customers and ensure existing customers continue to love using their business.

Rebranding your Business

If your business is not connecting like it used to with customers, sales are down, customer satisfaction is faultering, or the business has taken a new direction, it may be time to opt for a rebranding of your business. Our rebranding process ensures we cover all areas to understand your business’ requirements as well as your customers needs.

Business Understanding: Before any rebranding, we get to know your business. By understanding your business, the goals and objectives of the business and your customer, our strategists can begin the brand strategy process. A rebranding strategy is critical before anything to ensure we get you the results you are after.

Strategy Creation: Once our rebranding experts in Sydney are familiar with your business inside and out, they will work collaboratively with you and your team to develop the ideal rebranding strategy. Our team does not use a one size fits all approach and develop unique strategies depending on the type of business you operate.

Design & Creativity: Further to a strategy, is designing a new visual identity capable of connecting with your customers, communicating the values of your business and instilling trust in those who interact with your business. Brand perception is the biggest driver in increased sales for a business. How your customers and prospective customers see you and interact with your business, drives the performance of the brand. This is why when rebranding, it is important to understand the business, the customer and the direction the business is heading in.

Relaunching your Brand: Relaunching your brand allows customers new and old, as well as your industry, the ability to see your progression and investment into your business and future. It is about creating visibility and trust in those who would be considering a product or service like yours. Developing a campaign plan to launch your brand is also a key step in the rebranding process.

Why Choose Evolv Design For Your Business Rebranding?


We are a branding & rebranding agency in Sydney with over 10 years experience. It is our experience that allows us to be efficient and successful with our work – making things work seamlessly without wasting your time or money. Over the years, our skilled marketers have faced several challenges and therefore know precisely how to overcome any hurdles along the way.


Our creatives have been responsible for some of Australia’s largest brands and understand the limits and constraints for all sizes of business. Unlike some agencies that regurgitate their work for other companies, we start from the ground up to ensure you get true creativity for your branding project.


What makes us different from the rest are our processes to get the work done. Evolv Design has a team of dedicated professionals whom you can rely on to put in their best effort to get your business’s rebranding strategies up and running.

Reach out to the experts at Evolv Design today to give your business purpose and direction through a new look and perspective into your marketplace.