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Typography Psychology

You may already know from our Colour psychology video that people have certain feelings, emotions, and associations when they see certain colours. What you may not realise is that they have a similar response to typefaces and fonts.

Typography evokes emotions. Typefaces operate on a subconscious level to communicate and give you an understanding of what it is that you are about to experience without you being aware this is happening. The reason you are not aware is because your conscious mind is busy reading the actual word.

When we speak to a person we haven’t met before, we take less than 10% of what they are actually saying and make our assumptions and judgements based on their body language, their clothing and their tone of voice. There are numerous studies about how the brain receives information on a subconscious level and gives us what we need to know for decision making based on our needs and experiences.

Associations are also an important consideration when choosing a typeface. Throughout our lives we are bombarded with a variety of typefaces that over time we associate with particular products, feelings, experiences and industries. It is important to factor in context and target audience because as we evolve, so can the stories and associations we have in our minds.

Fonts can completely transform the meaning of a word, it can give it a personality. In branding we have the ability to show a business as traditional, friendly, serious, modern or elegant. The shape and form of typefaces allow us to enter the mind of our customer and create a level of trust and authority at a subconscious level. The choice between a rounded font or a jagged font will have an impact on how you are being perceived by your customer and ultimately a decision will be made before you have an opportunity to speak. This is why typography is so important to your brand and your ability to tell your story.

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